Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Beatles Montage

A couple of weeks ago, a flyer came home from school about the opportunity to be in the end of the year "Beatles Montage", song and dance thingie.
It was open to all grades, so I asked the kids if they wanted to participate and they both decided it would be a fun activity. I don't particularly like the Beatles, but I knew it would be fun for them. The kids were divided into groups and practiced different songs. The picture above is Jonahs group singing "Drive my Car".

I had to check the calendar and make sure there wouldn't be any conflicts with baseball since we were already knee deep in that and it all looked like it was going to work out.
Until Jonah's baseball tournament last Saturday (which I thought would be an all-day tourney). They won a very exciting game and then made it to the semi-finals, with their game being tonight at 6 pm. Too bad the Beatles performance was also tonight at 6:30. Jonah had a major part in one of the songs, so we decided he would do the Beatles thing and then we would high tail it to the game. (Too bad it takes 25 minutes to get to the field from our house- the school is just a few minutes from our house).

Anyway, we made it through the performance and jumped in the car and drove off to the game. We got there right as the game was over and they were having the end of the season pizza party at the picnic tables. Jonah's team played the only undefeated team in the semi-finals, so we guessed that they probably lost, since earlier in the season we lost to the Pirates and tied them.
Wrong!!!! They won! Jonah's team made it to the championship game! Yay!!
Anyway, back to the Beatles thing.
Like I explained before, my camera is not the greatest, so these pictures aren't very good. But, up above is a side shot of Ryanne performing in the "Octopus Garden".
At the end of the program, all the kids performed- "All You Need is Love" and "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-dah". Jonah was Desmond, so that is him up in front of the crowd with suspenders.
After the show, we took a couple pictures in front of the Beatles stage.
They had fun!


Trishelle said...

Holy Moly, what fun!! Way to go Jonah and the team! Beatles music must be in the air...Iput a cd on while driving around in the car. After a while, our 3 year old piped up and said, "Momma, I like this music." Yep, the Beatles are timeless!

Whitney Brown said...

This looks like SO MUCH fun!! Love the costumes Ryanne looks so cute and Jonah is a stud as always (he looks JUST like Matt in suspenders)! Glad ya'll had fun and hope they win in the championship game!! Wooooo!!!

Gabrielle said...

I was looking at airfare yesterday to Atlanta and I have only found $395 as the cheapest! I need your expertise!