Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I used to think that I didn't like gardening. My grandpa used to make us pick and pick and pick and pick things out of his garden when I was a kid and it kind of set me up for having a grudge against gardening.
Dumb, very dumb of me.
Now I feel so blessed that my grandparents and my parents always had such a huge garden because as a child growing up, we had so much fresh produce and it was delicious. Store bought veggies and fruits just aren't the same. They don't taste as good.
I love fruits and veggies and I know that played a part in it.

Anyway, my dad planted me a garden when he was here. He did the hard part. He tilled, fertilized, bought all the plants and planted everything for me.
All I have to do is weed, water and harvest.
And what a harvest we are having already.

We have had large amounts of green and red leaf lettuce- our salad on Sunday was from the red leaf lettuce pictured above and it was soo good. My neighbor gave us one of her green peppers too.

We enjoyed our first onion, zucchini and large amounts of swiss chard for dinner last night.
There are about 10 more zucchini that are almost ready to be picked.
I'm over my grudge of gardening and have plans for an even bigger one next year.

It's just too much fun eating the food you grow and it tastes soo good.


Laura Dawn said...

that zucchini looks perfect!

bjandcec said...

The produce looks great! I am so glad that we had the opportunity to help put in a garden. We kinda sqrunched a lot of plants in a kinda small space, so I'm sure it's been interesting with everything so close together...but that can be remedied next year. Glad you are enjoying the fruit of your labors.

Our garden here is coming a long. Our growning season in Utah is much different than in Georgia, so it will be a little while before we can enjoy to much...although we have had several pickings of Chard from a volunteer plant and some rhubarb from our plants as well as from Bountiful.

I agree...the home grown is much better than store bought. It's also kinda funny that when I was a little boy I did not appreciate the garden like I have in my adult life. Love you all very much Daddy/Grandpa Beckstrand