Sunday, March 8, 2009

To Dad

I don't think Savannah knows where you are. She looks for you every morning in our bed and you aren't there. When someone asks her where daddy is, she says "at work."

Jonah was watching a college basketball game yesterday and was really excited about it. He says "It was Pittsburgh vs. Conn. I wanted Connecticut to win because they were #1. I was practicing on my sideways dribbles and I really miss you. I wish you could be here to play basketball with me. Love, Jonah"
"Goodbye. I hope you could be here." Ryanne- now send it to him.
Jonah had to make a birthday poster for school. I asked him to wait for me to help him with it, but he had other plans. He cut out scores, team logos, and sports figures from the newspaper and wrote details about it. He actually cut out a picture of Kevin Garnett and cut him up, but I told him I didn't think that was a good idea, so he removed the body parts of the Boston Celtics player.

It really isn't anything new, but Savannah is so sleep deprived that she keeps falling asleep in the strangest postitions at interesting times. Ryanne slammed Savannahs finger in the door yesterday and I guess the pain and shock was too much to handle because Savannah fell asleep in my arms a few minutes after that happened. She is actually sleeping in the picture above.


Gabrielle said...

:( sorry you guys are missing Matt/Dad. And Poor Bana!!!!
Yay! I am home! Ready to get 'er done?!

~Jordyn said...

That first picture is so darling! I love it!

Skeem's said...

Love the last picture, that is awesome! When do you guys make the trek to Georgia?? Are you excited?