Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buried Treasure

Since the sun has been out a little bit more and the weather was nice last week, we spent alot of time in the backyard. Grandma found some buried treasure.
I had no idea this little stuffed animal was missing. Anything left outside is game. Grandma saw the little pink plastic piece at the top sticking out of the mud and pulled a huge chunk of dirt out. The elephant was buried inside. Savannah was happy to have her toy back. Ryanne had also been missing one of her reindeer boots and it was buried as well.
Grandma couldn't find her tennis shoe and by this time, she knew to go looking out in the dirt for some sign.
Sure enough, the shoe was buried. I don't know if the dogs just get bored or what, but we have noticed anytime there is a shoe or toy out there, that Bucky starts furiously digging a hole. We have stopped her from burying other things, but it really is just kinda funny to find shoes and toys completely submerged in the dirt.
I think she might need her own toy.

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