Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Fun Day

On Friday we went to the Treehouse Museum in Odgen. A couple of ladies in my neighborhood planned an outing and invited us to come along. I decided that Jonah could skip school and come with us. The kids had a blast! This post includes lots of pictures, so hopefully someone cares (Matt?, Becky? this is for you!)
There were large maps of the United States and Utah that had landmarks and other places marked on them. You could press a little button and it would ask you a question and then you had to get to the spot on the map that is was talking about before the time was up. Ryanne found a horse and then we went to find where Daddy is- Georgia.
There were also little houses from all over the world that had dress-up clothes from that country and the interior of the houses looked like what you would find in that country.
The kids really liked the animals from Africa.

Jonah told the girls to come and join him in the "Japan" boat.
Our friend, Andrew, wearing a dress-up hat!
Savannah was having a good time in the little house, pretending to serve tea. I had her hair fixed, but being the independent person that she is, she took it out and looked like a rugrat all day.
Savannah wearing the little mouse outfit and getting ready to crawl through the little mouse tunnel in the house.
Jonah checking out the Oval Office.
The music room was exciting too. Lots of noise coming from over there.
Savannah found Georgia too.
Ryanne really liked the Medieval area because there were lots of little horses and a castle.
There is the huge treehouse that was in the center of the whole building. There was a really fun staircase that went up inside the tree and Savannah decided to transport the horse down the other stairs.
She still had the horse in tow when she made it to the music room.
Ryanne planting and picking the garden plants.
The school house
Savannah really liked the Fire Truck
Jonah joined her later in full fireman clothing.
Ryanne had alot of fun at the art center too. Painting with water and tracing dinosaurs.

Jonah and I did pretty well on the Utah trivia and then went to be the teacher in the little school house Savannah also really liked the baby/body area. She loves babies and carried this one around for quite awhile.We had so much fun. I love it when you go somewhere and all the activities keep your kids intrigued for hours on end. They were so enthralled they never even mentioned that they wanted to eat or anything. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!


Tiffany said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Treehouse Museum!! It's the greatest place to go for the day!! Last time we went I couldn't Matthew out of the Train room and would run away from me and back to the train room when I would go looking for Will... If you ever want to go again LMK, we go anytime we can!!

Heather Bankhead said...

this looks so fun! i think sav's hair looks pretty and long. and of course they found the horses and babies!

Becky said...

Wow! What a fun place. Jonah probably learned even more than he would have in school for a day.I want to go, too.
Thanks for the pictures, I didn't dream of anything like this when you told me how great it was. Pictures ARE worth a thousand words!

Cindy said...

What a great place-we always love a good children's museum!

Gabrielle said...

Wow you guys did a lot! Where was I all that time??? lol

Jaime said...

that looks so cool, looks like you definitely got your money's worth! lots of fun things to do.

Laura said...

We loved the pictures. Liam was standing saying how cool and awesome everyting was. He loved the castle and little village. We had to eventually visit the official website and list of places to go. How much longer until you head to GA? It stinks being away from the hubby I'm sure.

Kelley said...

Oh my goodness! That place is AWESOME! We will DEFINITELY have to go there when we got to Utah next. Your kids look like they had a marvelous time. I wonder if KC has something like that. I'll have to go find out.