Thursday, March 12, 2009

I need to be more like my kids

Even when it is cold, dark, dreary and utterly digusting outside, they are happy and smiling. No complaints about the cold. None. I won't comment on that. I am working on it. Spring would be fine with me, though. I could handle it and so could everyone else I know.
But until that day comes and we can go outside without all this winter gear, I guess the best we can do is just smile and have fun anyway.

p.s. I know that is it sunny and has been for the past couple days. These pictures were from a few days ago. But it is still too cold!!!


stephschmidt said...

Yesterday Dallin tried so hard to play outside on his scooter, but after a little bit just had to come in because it's too cold. It's March; where's the spring weather??

Jaime said...

There is just something about spring, I've always loved it (probably b/c my bday was always close to Easter, so I got 2 holidays to celebrate:) But, it's been sunny and warm here for a couple of days and it's amazing how everyone's mood is different, even strangers are more patient with one another. I agree, I have a hard time not complaining about winter... I get winter blues BIG time. Anyway, Matt was funny to text you a pic.. it was so good to see him, made it more of a reality for me that yall really are coming back!! I can't wait to see the rest of you! How's it going apart? hang in there:)

Gabrielle said...

Sadly I know where it is spring already. Its just not here!