Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Second Utah Football Game Date

Of course, once again my pictures loaded up backwards. Anyway- Matt's friend wanted him to go to the Utah game last night and since we hardly ever see each other, I decided it was a good time for a date. If only I would have known how cold it was going to be! Freezing weather is definitely not for me. (Excuse the rhyme, it was an accident) I was feeling pretty cold until I saw these 3 guys who had painted themselves black and they had no shirts! It was below freezing people! Yes, that U on his chest, is painted on his bare chest. Yikes!
I am thinking I must be the lucky charm for the Utes. Both the Oregon State game and this game against TCU, looked like they were going to be losses. The Utes were down the entire game, in both games, and then, all of a sudden came back in the last 2 minutes to win. I will take credit for it all! :)

I was surprised at how much snow there was when we were walking to the game, since we hadn't really seen any out here. I thought the combination of the green, orange, and snow was pretty.

The best thing about having a hat and hood on was that it blocked out all the nasty yelling that the fans do. That part was quite pleasant. I couldn't feel my feet when we got up to leave, due to the thin socks and horrible shoes I was wearing, but the Utes won, which made my brother and dad very happy and it was a fun date. Thanks Matt, for taking me along!


Gabrielle said...

Why- Oh Why would you sit in the freezing cold half naked?

I don't get it!

I am glad you had a great time! The snow is weird considering its only 20 minutes from here.

stephschmidt said...

Oh, that SO doesn't sound like a fun night! Especially for you! Lucky for the Utes you were there though :)

Trishelle said...

What a fun date! You got to be together AND surrounded by crazy, half naked fans...that makes for a lot of high energy and good vibes. GO UTES! (Shhhh. I can get beat up in this town for saying that. Although, I do say it for BYU too. :))

Brandi said...

Hey you have a blog too. Glad I found ya.

Audrey said...

you would think that after living in Estonia you would have a tougher hide regarding cold! I guess all that Georgia living turned you around pretty quickly!

Jaime said...

yeah, i am a wimp in cold weather also. funny the alternative, though. I remember sitting at a Ga game that was so hot, sweat was rolling down my back, drenching my shirt! ...hmm... what would I rather, I can't say?