Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun Photo Tag

This is a fun tag. I saw it over on Heidi's blog. You just put the answer to these statement on google and search images and pick a picture from the 4 pages (I chose from the first page that came up)

My name
My age

Place I'd like to visit-(again) Estonia

My grandmother's names


my first job
Pet's I've owned

not really a monkey, that was our cat's name

not really a cookie, that was our dog's name we found an orphaned baby lamb in the desert when I was little and took it home for a few weeks. My sisters and I, got up in the night and took turns giving her a bottle- Loni the Lamb.

Nickname of my best friend- Mattie

my Favorite Food

my Favorite Color

Things I have always loved


happy mom said...

you did so much better at this than me! and yep I write just like I talk, my grammer is aweful and I ramble!

Okay how many freaking blogs are you a part of? crazy woman, so I have to make some decisions about playgroup this week, and a million other things so I better run.

I miss just taking the time to chat with you, but you seem to not be a phone person, so sometimes maybe we can just chat again!

Riin said...

See on l├Ábus! I think I will tag myself and do this picture thing. :)

Gabrielle said...

I want a square watermelon!

stephschmidt said...

What a fun post! Gabrielle, I hope you'll share your square watermelon (I was just going to say I want one, too!)

Mandy said...

Really you had a baby lamb- that's awesome!

camillamccammon said...

That was a sweet tag, I will have to do it sometime!

The Flynn's said...

Those are some seriously funky least I think that's what those are!