Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thinking of You

Dear Cousins Julia, Scott and Jeremiah,
It has been 5 years, but we miss you still. We are thinking of you on this day and can't wait to have our reunion with you in heaven. We will try our best to live worthy of you here on earth. We love you.
Uncle Matt, Aunt Mary Ann, Jonah, Ryanne, and Savannah


Jaime said...

Oh how sweet. I think of them too. It's amazing how children that have these special missions and have short times on earth but they have a huge impact on us, touching the lives of so many, reminding us of faith, sacrifice, and the true eternal nature of families. What a sweet reunion when it does happen! They are loved by many!

Kim said...

Very sweet Thank Goodness for the Gospel and Eternal Families. It's great that at they are up there and waiting together.

Trishelle said...

This picture is so precious. I read your blog entry earlier today and you have been on my mind since.

I hope you know how much I adore you. Please send your sister my love and well wishes also. I hope today has been a positive, peace filled day.

Audrey said...

Thanks again for remembering us. It means so much to know that others love and remember them as we do. They have some great cousins and aunts and uncles! Love you- Aud

Holly said...

What a sweet entry. I'm sure they are proud of their wonderful family and extended family living on this earth. You are a sweet sister to honor those sweet children today. -Holly

Laura Dawn said...

Mare this was so thoughtful of you. I know you must have been planning this for a little while, because ar first I thought that you made a trip over the weekend to take that picture because it looks so recent.
Really so sweet, the picture is beautiful. What a beautiful birthday gift for the triplets. We miss and love them so much.