Saturday, September 13, 2008

How well do you know your honey? tag

1. They are watching TV...What are they watching? College Football, Georgia takes precedence over anyone else, but he loves it all
2. You are out to eat. what kind of dressing do they get on their salad? He loves chicken finger salad with hot bacon dressing and honey mustard dressing.
3.Whats one food this person doesn't like? Tomatoes (one of the many) if he ever sees them in a dish, he accuses me of trying to poison him.
4. You go out to eat. What drink does he order? Dr. Pepper, if that isn't available- Mr. Pibb, from there, Mountain Dew.
5 .Where did he go to high school? Oconee County High School
6.What size shoe do they wear? 10
7. If this person were to collect anything, it would be- Georgia Bulldog paraphernalia
8.What is their favorite type of sandwich-bologna with fake cheese on white bread, with mustard and Miracle Whip
9. This person could eat _________ everyday. My potstickers, chicken and dumplings, fried okra, nutty bars, oh, and don't forget his favorite- McDonalds
10.Favorite cereal? Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries (not regular, only with the berries)
11. This person wouldn't be caught dead wearing- navy and yellow (Georgia Tech), blue and orange (Florida) I have made the mistake in past halloween costumes
12 Favorite sports team? GEORGIA BULLDOGS
13.Who will he/she vote for? Any Republican (goes to show that a house divided in politics, certainly will not fail or fall- yes, I am voting for Obama, say what you will, I have done my research)
14.What is their sign? Capricorn, me too- our birthdays are the day after each other
15.What is something you do that he wishes you didn't? cook tofu- jk, buy cookbooks
16.How many states has this person lived in?Georgia, Utah, Somewhere else in the army, but I think it was still in Georgia wrong! it was Ft. Knox, Kentucky!!!
.17.What is he/shes heritage? Southern, Bulldog
18.What kind of cake would you bake them for their birthday? Yellow cupcakes from a box, with white frosting from a can (Hard for me to do)
19.Did he/she play sports in high school? baseball
20.This person could spend hours? playing basketball or any sport, watching college football, doing anything outside, taking naps, hiking, playing games, kissing me


Gabrielle said...

Those were both so cute- and yah yellow box cake and can icing!? So sad. lol

stephschmidt said...

I know, the yellow box cake with can icing must kill you, huh? :) I love that you try to poison him with tomatoes!

John & Jennifer Savage said...

I love yellow cake too. But I don't know that I've ever had it from scratch, so I probably don't know what I'm missing! :) Man, your blog always ends up making me hungry! p.s. I'm going to cave and read Kite Runner, do you have a copy that I could borrow? It's all your fault after all!! :) What about A Mighty Heart, didn't you recommend that one as well? Yeah, I'm in a sufficiently good mood to attempt a sad book, can you tell? lol

Trishelle said...

I never realized how deeply rooted Matt is! I have never even seen okra much less tasted it. It sounds like you guys really have never ending fun...oh la la, kissing you for hours. That is so romantic (lighthearted, happy sigh). :)

Audrey said...

Sounds right on!