Monday, September 22, 2008

I know I promised no more Phelps, but.........

I love this picture. You don't ever really see pictures like this. I like it because it shows that Phelps is really a humble person. I think that is why he is so cute to me. He just seems real, you know?
We saw him on tv the other day and Jonah asked "if you weren't married to Dad, would you marry Michael Phelps?"
I just had to laugh. I mean how do you explain that
1- I would never want to be married to anyone else than Dad
2- That is never going to happen
3- etc. you get the point
I just said no. I guess we have been joking and talking about it too much, Jonah is starting to get worried!


Kim said...

totally funny, Micheal Phelps is quite a little cutie though :) !!!

Gabrielle said...

LOL that's funny- kids ask the silliest , cutest things. but if you HAD to be married to a world class swimmer Micheal Phelps would be the obvious choice! :P

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Hey Phelps Phan (I'm so clever) you make me laugh! I still want to see the photoshopped picture of you with Heath. Maybe you could switch out his picture?? lol!

Jaime said...

too funny. he's pretty observant. how cold is it there already?