Saturday, November 17, 2007

Turkey Trot

This morning, the 3 wards that are in my neighborhood decided to have a "female only" 5k. They said you could walk, run or waddle. It sounded like fun but since Matt has to work every Saturday I originally thought that maybe I would walk with my mom and just have fun. Then a few days ago, Savannah started throwing up and was sick. My mom called this morning to ask me if I was going to participate and I really thought, not today. But 15 minutes before it was going to start I decided we could all use a little fresh air so we walked to the church, 2 blocks away. Jonah was on his bike and I had the girls in the (non-jogging) double stroller. There were about 50 women there and only 3 other kids. We started out just walking but then I noticed that Jonah was really taking off. The route was marked with little orange flags but all the intersections and roads were still open and I started to worry about Jonahs safety. So I started to run, while pushing the stroller, so I could catch up with him and warn him to watch out and be really careful. When I got to him and told him to slow down, he said " but mom, I want to win! I was the first one!" So I let him take off and decided I had to keep him in sight so I ran with the double stroller the whole time. I have to admit that I am really competitive and I really didn't want anyone to pass me. It was fun and the best part was the look on peoples faces when I crossed the finish line in 5th place pushing the stroller. Jonah was happy because he was 3rd ( although they didn't really count him). It was also fun watching Grandma run the last little bit with Ryanne and Jonah cheering her on to the finish line! Makes for a fun Saturday morning.


waxter's said...

go jonah go! that's awesome, sounds like it was fun.

Murray Family said...

I love it! Mare you are so competitive! I am sure you would have passed me even with the jogging stroller! Should we have a sisters 5K in December?