Thursday, November 8, 2007


Maybe you are wondering how we got such an up close and personal picture of Uga since we live in Utah. Or maybe you are wondering why that shirt with a Georgia G says Cowboy Football. I will unfold the mystery. Matt is the athletic trainer for Granstville High School. They are the Cowboys and their school colors are Red and Black. They also use the Georgia G in all their athletic and and band attire. It is funny because I was at Walmart and I saw someone with a coat that had a G on it and it said something about a band. My first thought was that they were fans of the Georgia Redcoat Band. I thought to myself that it was a little strange to see an old man in Walmart in a little Utah town supporting the Dawgs but later Matt explained it to me. I went to one of the Granstville football games and ran into my high school science teacher who is now a principal at Grantsville and poked a joke about how they stole the Georgia G. I pointed to her shirt and the whole mood of the conversation changed. She got really defensive and insisted that the Grantsville G was different because it was wider on one end or something. And that they couldn't use the Georgia G because it was trademarked. I am telling you it is the same G. I had to hold back my laughter because I knew that she was just trying to covering something up. Matt even wears his Georgia attire and it passes for Grantsville attire. I find all of this humorous because our license plates have a G on them and everyone must think we are just die hard Grantsville fans. Matt encountered the bulldog at a football game and had to take a pic. He talked to the owners and they bought the bulldogs clothes from a Georgia store online. Funny how these worlds have collided! GO DAWGS!

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Laura said...

Only GA fan would appreciate that blog. i thought your encounter was so funny. sounds like that wasn't the first time that comment was made. at least it makes it easy to stay true to the dawgs. go dawgs!