Monday, November 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

So I have to admit that I am pretty excited about this and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts and photos from the past little while.
First of all, I have to wonder to myself, why does Ryanne already look like she is 16? Second, I wanted to share my favorite craft that we did for Halloween. I let the kids pick out their own butternut squashes and we painted them white and made them look like ghosts. Third, Ryanne was in love with the unicorn pinata that we got her for her birthday. She wanted to play with it all day and would not leave it alone. She even was determined to give the poor thing a haircut. It was almost tragic to break the poor thing open but when we told her about all the candy she decided it would work out alright. The pinata was very tough and refused to break. It was fun for the kids at first to whack it a little bit but Matt really had to beat the unicorn to get the thing to break. We were starting to wonder if it was made of cement! Fourth, Savannah is now walking and she has a couple of favorite things. She loves to wear tiaras and princess crowns and she loves to sit in the newspaper holder at grandmas. Although she gets very frustrated when she cannot remove herself from the iron bars.


Laura said...

Welcome! I am so glad that you joined the world of blogging. I didn't want to do it but love doing it now. You're family is beautiful. I cannot believe how big Jonah is! Keep in touch.

The Flynn's said...

Hey Mary Ann, it's great to hear from you and great to see some photos! Is Jonah in school now? I totally remember when you were pregnant with him. Do you get back to Athens much? It's fun remembering the days of being neighbors. Glad you're doing good.