Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Recipes

I am really excited about Thanksgiving because it gives me a chance to make yummy food and that is one thing that I really enjoy. This is my first Thanksgiving in Utah since 1998 and Matt's first Utah Thanksgiving. For those of you who have never enjoyed a Southern Thanksgiving, the food is a little bit different. We will see how Matt does without all of his favorites and the first time without his dad's deep fried turkey. Yes, deep fried. It really makes for a moist bird. This year I am going to attempt to make Southern cornbread dressing. I am going to use the recipe from the Blue Willow Inn and I am hoping that will mean it will turn out moist and delicious! I am going to make a double chocolate pumpkin cheesecake that I have made once before. If anyone is interested in any of the recipes I listed, let me know and I can hook up the link or type it up!


Murray Family said...

I want the links for all the recipes you have listed! I'll show you how to link them when I am home in Dec. Can't wait to hear your Christmas holiday food plans!

The Flynn's said...

Wow, so true about Southern Thanksgiving. We will be enjoying a "deep fried" turkey this year with corn bread stuffing and none other than sweet potatoe casserole. SO SOUTHERN!

waxter's said...

ok mare, i've enjoyed your lovely blogs. i haven't commented yet b/c i am usually reading them as i do several other things. But tonight i just had to comment...heehee b/c i love the fact that you are making cornbread dressing! you've been "southernized" for sure. we sure wish yall were coming back to "joja" for the holidays, we miss yall!!

Miss Bankhead said...

mare! how perfect you have all of these listed, because i have just been researching how to make some of these things. of course i should have come straight to you first.
i want to make apple sausage stuffing and cornbread stuffing. i also want to try the chocolate pumpkin cake.
i will call you. love!