Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweet Savannah Banana's 1st Birthday!

Here is Savannah the day after her 1st birthday enjoying leftover cake! I had to get a shot of it because she did such a wonderful job of icing herself.

Savannah's favorite birthday items: her new little bike and her personalized backpack!

Opening her toothbrush. I know it is an exciting present but she really wanted one.

The aftermath of letting Savannah have her entire cake on her highchair tray for 10 minutes.

She was loving it!

Savannah shared her cake with everyone!

Ryanne showing Savannah what she wants off the cake- an eye!

Savannah complying with the demand

The first thing that Savannah went for was the m&m eye

Jonah quickly appeared to be fed the m&m

The panda paw print cupcakes!

Savannah's snow day

The cake before it was utterly destroyed!

Savannah is one! She had such a great birthday and really loved her cake and presents. It snowed just for her too! I was totally surprised what a great job Savannah did sharing her cake with everyone. She gave Jonah the first taste and really enjoyed eating it and getting all messy.
This year has gone by so fast. Jonah asked me if Savannah would be able to talk once she had her birthday and I think he was disappointed to find out that her skills wouldn't magically improve overnight. Savannah had a great day and so did we. We made homemade mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli and also strawberry sorbet. The only thing that could have made it better would have been all our family and friends in attendance! We missed ya'll!


Murray Family said...

I just am amazed every time I see one of your new cakes! I wish I could fly you out here to make a cake for Owen's birthday! It looks like she had a great day! The snowy day was beautiful too!
Thanks for sharing the photos!

Tiffany said...

Looks like it was a fun day. I especially thought it was cute that Savannah was feeding everyone.

Laura said...

Loved the paw print cupcakes. too cute! though i have actually only met jonah...crazy...a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Savannah!

The Flynn's said...

It's amazing how fun first birthdays are...for the parents! If only the kids knew what we were celebrating. Cute pictures.

Go Dawgs!! said...

It makes me sad to know that the last time I saw her she was just a little baby and she looks so different now. I thought the snow was so pretty. Cake was awsome. You and Audrey are the best at cakes like that. I dont even try and compete, publix or walmart does tyler's cakes :) All the tress were cool. I may do Tyler his own dinosaur tree next year!