Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Matt's weekend visit

I went to pick Matt up from the airport on Friday night. I got a cheap hotel (not a gross and dirty hotel though, it was just a good deal) that was really close to the airport because his plane was supposed to get in at 11:30 pm and also because Savannah has been sleeping with me almost the entire time that Matt has been gone. But especially now that her leg is hurt. She wakes up in the middle of the night and cries out for me and I feel bad for her and I am alone, so I let her get in bed with me. Bad habit. I know.
We spent the night at our hotel and then came back home. The kids were so excited! Jonah couldn't wait to play basketball with Matt. He has been praticing so much. He is outside everyday shooting hoops and was really looking forward to playing his dad.
Ryanne was being a cheerleader.
Savannah was just happy to be outside.
I got some pretty good action shots of Matt and Jonah shooting hoops. Practice really does pay off. Jonah has really made improvement on his b-ball skills.

He likes to foul though.
Here he is shooting a "3-pointer"

Ry was busy catching spectator bugs
We had some beautiful blossoms in the yard too. Peaches, apricots and plums.

Jonah got a much needed haircut and Matt put Savannah back in her splint.

We had a great weekend. It was beautiful and sunny. We love being together as a family.


The Hopper Fam said...

Loved the pictures!

Jaime said...

poor baby, that's so sad to see Savannah's leg. Looks like a sweet reunion! Glad it was so pretty outside so they could play.

The Clanton Gang said...

How is it that Jonah can look just like you and Matt, at the same time? Crazy, but he does. I'm glad y'all had a great time when Matt was there--I know you're looking forward to living together again. Any decisions about where you'll live when you get back to GA?

Brandi said...

I am so glad that Matt was able to come and visit. Jonah is getting good at b-ball.

Kim said...

so glad Matt was finally home, but I am still confused why he was gone? Will he go again?

Tiffany and hers said...

They are growing up so fast!!!!

Kelley said...

How wonderful to have him home.

I must had missed something. What did Savannah do to her leg? Poor girl!