Monday, April 6, 2009

General Conference

One good thing about Matt being in Georgia is that he was able to get tickets to General Conference. He sent them to me and yesterday afternoon, Heather, Whitney, Laura Dawn, and I went to the Conference Center in Salt Lake and were able to listen to the messages from our church leaders.

It was so great to be inside the Conference Center. The feeling in that building was amazing. All of the talks were so inspirational. I love having Conference every 6 months. It gives you such a spiritual boost. I really gained a new perspective and hope for the future.

We saw people who were giving out free hugs. Aren't they cute? They were detracting the attention from protesters.

We packed a lunch and were sitting outside when these guys started talking to us. They were visiting from New Zealand and were all rugby players. They were laughing at us because we were eating baby carrots and they wanted me to take pictures of them and send the pics into the Ensign, so the could have a moment of fame. Their accents were really fun. The coach was telling us about how some of his family members were in the Lord of the Rings and how he missed the casting call. Then when we went to get in line at the Conference Center, they were trying to get in our pictures again, so I just had Lar pose with them.

And on another side note- Me and Whitney went to the Bountiful Temple on Friday night. Whit wants to visit all the temples in Utah before we head back to Georgia, so we are going to try and make it at least once a week. It was so beautiful when we came out and the sun was going down. It was just a fabulous weekend!


Jaime said...

how neat, i'm so jealous. I'd like to go to Conference one day. And the temple grounds/Conf. grounds are beautiful.

Trishelle said...

Mary Ann, that is totally awesome! It's great that you got to go to the conference center before you head to Georgia.

It was an amazing weekend. I loved the talks from Saturday but my favorites were from yesterday. Elder Holland's talk on the Atonement gave me a perspective I've never considered before. With President Monson's right after, I just wanted to take 15 minutes to compute it all.

I'm always a little sad on Sunday night when conference has ended because although I feel so spiritually filled, I miss it already!

I'm so glad it was such an elightening experience for you too!