Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

On Friday afternoon, Gabrielle and her kids came over to dye eggs and make treats. We had a good time. We dyed lots of eggs. I watched Gabrielle make amazing lemon bars and the kids played outside after we were done with some of our activities. We were just inside talking and all of the sudden, I heard Savannah screaming. I looked outside and she was on the trampoline with Jonah and another child. I thought she was just scared, but after I went outside and removed her from the trampoline, I realized she was hurt. She was holding her leg and wouldn't stop crying. She fell asleep on the couch and later we realized that she couldn't put any weight on her left leg.
I let her sleep with me that night and thought maybe she would be better in the morning.
Not so much. Luckily, Matt has connections and I was able to get someone to check her out Saturday morning who determined that she probably had a hairline fracture and was ok, so we waited until this morning to get an x-ray. Fracture confirmed. We are getting the splint tomorrow. I really was wishing Matt was here this weekend. He knows all the stuff about injuries and broken bones and I really had no idea what to think. We attended a egg hunt and other stuff this weekend, but Savannah had to be held almost the whole weekend, so there wasn't any picture taking- Sorry, Matt and Becky!
By sunday afternoon, she had figured out that she could scoot around and she has adapted quite well, considering the circumstances. She avoids putting any weight on her hurt leg and keeps reminding me by saying "Don't let me walk!" Fun stuff.
After 3 night of her sleeping in my bed, I finally decided she could handle her room. We will see how it goes!

We did get a couple of pictures after church on Sunday and yes, I avoided being in the pictures, but hey- someone had to do the picture taking!

We have absolutely loved having Whitney live with us the past three months. She such a happy person who really adds to our family!
I attempted taking some pictures of the kids, but couldn't get anything serious, so I decided silly was good enough. Savannah hasn't been getting enough rest, which is obvious to us because she falls asleep anywhere she holds still for more than 10 minutes. I guess Easter dinner was too boring.....
I loved how beautiful it was on Easter morning. It really made me feel the joy and love of my Savior.
A woman asked Jonah as we were leaving church, " Did the Easter Bunny come and visit you?"
Jonah replied, " Yes, but that isn't really what Easter is about. It is about Jesus."
That made me smile.
So simple and so true.


Gabrielle said...

Good for Jonah! Someone asked Kira the same thing. Her answer was not so poetic. She said- "Um, no- Why would he come on Sunday. My mom is giving me a box of peeps after church tho!"
(I hate the Easter bunny- he is lame.)

Jaime said...

poor baby, that's so sad to see your lil ones in pain, scary when you don't know what's going on. glad you had a nice Easter. hope she is better soon.

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

so sad about her little leg, I hope she heals quickly!

Skeem's said...

Poor Savannah, I hope her leg gets better soon! The same thing happened to Kam when she was lik 2 1/2 she got a hairline fracture right below the knee, and it was from a trampoline! not fun I carried her everywhere.

The Flynn's said...

Awww, that's sad! I hope she's doing ok! Those trampoline's are dangerous (even though we've got one in our backyard)! :)

Trishelle said...

Hey Mary Anne! I'm so glad you guys had fun with your family and cute Whitney (she's such a doll!)

I'm glad you were able to get a diagnosis for Savannah quickly...I'm just sorry it's broken. I hope she is recovering well and in good spirits.