Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Helped Me in my Daily Tasks

I struggle at times with feelings that my life is filled with mundane tasks that don't matter to anyone. Not always, but at times I feel unappreciated or as if what I do is not important. But, I read about a friends recent experience at a Womens' Conference and this particular part of someones talk really hit me.
"...She then read a talk by President Benson comparing mothers work to the the work that the Savior did. The Savior fed the 5,000, mothers feed their families. The Savior washed feet, mothers (women, teachers) wash faces, hands and feet. He healed the sick, you nurse your children back to health. He taught, you teach. The Savior drew the little ones to him, You draw your little ones to you. The Savior served others and you serve others." I think these words can be expanded to women in general, who take care of others in their lives, mothers, teachers, nurses, etc. Just those few words made me realize (Again!) how important the things that I do each day are. I don't have to do something momentous to change the world. I can change the world and make it a better place by taking care of my family and friends. These daily tasks are Christlike acts of love. I matter in the bigger scheme of things and so do my daily acts.
I feel better and try to remember that everyday I am trying to be like Jesus.

p.s. Then the next day when I was cleaning up Savannah's bed, I found myself wondering "did Jesus ever have to clean up throw up?"


Skeem's said...

Thank you for that post, that really made me realize that what I do does matter, and it is important. I feel like what I do doesn't matter alot but it's good to know that it really does, and I am trying to be like our savior, because that is the whole point of this crazy life, huh:) thanks again.

Jaime said...

good point. i like when I hear talks that encourage me, i need a lot of reminders and encouragement in this difficult task of motherhood. also, i like how Elder Ballard said to just enjoy the moments b/c they go by fast and the happy moments can be fleeting compared the mundane everyday tasks. i try to smile and "soak it in" when i see the girls laughing and playing or they say something cute b/c i know the next minute i'll be frustrated at the messes or having to repeat myself a million times!