Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Shows

I might have mentioned before that we don't have cable tv. We haven't had it for quite a few years and actually haven't missed it. We have rabbit ears and get 4 channels, most are quite fuzzy, but if you can position them just right, PBS is watchable. I just wanted to spread the word about a couple of shows, maybe you already know about them, that are so cute and educational. We don't watch all of them everyday, but once in a while we watch a couple, and these are our favorites- Me included. Pictured above is Word World- Everything is built out of letters and words and it is so cute. They sing about building words whenever they need something and it is pretty catchy. It actually has me wishing I could do that when I need something!
This is SuperWhy! (We say SuperRy). They go inside kid stories or fairytales and actually change the outcome with words and letters. This also has really catchy songs and focuses alot on letters and problem-solving.
This is Jakers- This is also a favorite of mine because Piggly always says "Jakers", when he is amazed or has a problem. This is just plain entertaining. Piggly is the Grandpa who is teaching his grandpigs life lessons, by explaining things that happened to him and his friends when he was a little pig in Ireland. He is also teaching family history- how great!
This would be Jonah's favorite show Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. He loves it and always compares things that he is doing to how he would do it if he were a contestant on Ruff Ruffman. The animated dog gives the kids challenges and they have to go out into the world and do all kinds of interesting and cool things, like learn how to do the flying trapeze, be a dectective, desigh dog clothes, the list is endless. They earn points by answering questions and it actually is quite informative.
No, my kids do not watch Scrubs and it is not on PBS, but one the the channels we get shows an hour of reruns every night. I haphazardly watched it one night and I love it. I know tonight was the show finale and I didn't watch it, but I have to say this show is hilarious. It always makes me laugh. It is the only show that I ever watch and I don't even care that the episodes are out of order or 7 years old. It is funny! Watch this clip- Gotta love Ted's guitar solo and the fact that my name is mentioned multiple times!


Jaime said...

we used to watch those. i wish we never did get tv. danny begged for it to have BYU for conference and ESPN, well, it ends up being on for a lot more than that. talia is a tv addict, thank goodness for educational shows b/c she does learn quite a lot. but still, she would watch it all day if i let her!

Audrey said...

You should check out the shows online on PBS they have fun interactive content for kids.

Kim said...

We used to not have cable either. After we got the new TV for Christmas, Jeff came home and confessed that he dish TV too. I was so mad. We have only had cable once when we lived in an apartment where it was included in the rent. I actually miss the kids watching PBS. The shows were always clean and I hate that they watch commercials now. Life is fine with cable.

Kim said...

I meant without cable (at the end of my last comments). My kids like PBSkids (online) as well.

Holly said...

All faves of mine as well. I love the music on Super WHY! Right now my kids are obsessed with Scooby-Doo, not quite as educational, but very entertaining and hopelessly predictable. I guess you can't go wrong with a cartoon that has been around since before I was born. Jinkies!

Anthony & Christel said...

Our kids love Superwhy and Word World. They teach them a lot and are very cute.