Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Trip to Georgia

We are totally loving our trip to Georgia! It has been a year since we moved away from here and oh, how I have missed it. I knew this was going to happen as soon as we came to visit, but I didn't realize how much I have missed Georgia. I have a few theories about why I love it so much here and I am going to share them. This is kindof a twist on the tag from Tiffany, which was listing the 5 things you cannot live without. I am going to list the 5 reasons I love and miss Georgia! (in no particular order)

1. First of all, there are trees and green things everywhere you look. I cannot get enough of the greenery. Tall trees, bushes, short trees, mainly just trees, trees, trees. I remember when I came here to visit for the first time. I had been home from my mission for 1 month. It was August. I served my mission in Estonia which is covered with tall trees and forests. I went home to Utah, which was a bleak, brown, flat, desert. (no offense) I cried and cried and cried some more. My brothers told me it was okay, but when we came to meet Audrey's in-laws and saw the greenery and trees, I immediately fell in love (with more than one thing) and felt at home.
2. That brings me to the second reason I love Georgia. It was here on that first trip that I saw and met Matt for the first time. I know it might sound cheesy, but I fell for him hard on our first date. We went to a cute cafe for dinner, Stone Mountain, and salsa dancing at a fun nightclub. I mean here was a guy with manners, a cute accent, no inhibitions and he was fun-loving, adventurous, sweet, sensitive, and handsome. I fell hard. Luckily for me, somehow he fell too.
3. I love Georgia because it is where I got to know Matt and where we started our married life together. I moved here a few months after I met Matt and we got married a few months later. It is here that we made almost all of our dating and married memories.
4. All of my children have been born in Georgia. Jonah was born in Athens, a week before our first anniversary. Matt was actually an employee at the Hospital where Jonah was born and everyone was super nice. I will never forget when my mom came to visit. When we went to our apartment, she said "you live in the woods!" I said "no, there are just trees in Georgia." She was also pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and kindness of the people that live here. Ryanne and Savannah were born in Milledgeville and I have found memories there as well.
5. Matt's family and our friends. Matt's parents, siblings, grandparents, and so many of our friends still live here. It has been so fun to just see people out and about and feel like you have never left. Plus, strangers are so friendly. Southern Hospitality is real!

I have taken a ton of pictures since we have been here, but ya'll will have to wait until we get home to see them. I will warn you in advance that there are going to be a ton of them!


Jared and Katy said...

I'm so glad we got to see you! I can't wait to see your pictures of GEORGIA! Have a safe flight when you go home.

Kim said...

I am totally hearing you on the green thing. It has been a year since we moved and that is one of the major things I miss about Oregon is the beautiful forests and trees. It's hard to start over when you have lived somewhere for so long and had significant changes there (babies, married memories). Oh how I here you. Hope you're having fun.

The Flynn's said...

Glad you're having fun Mary Ann. We miss Athens so much! Not everywhere in Georgia is as beautiful (like Cartersville). I do like Georgia but I sure miss those Utah/Idaho mountains, less humidy and more mormons.

Jaime said...

I'm glad we got to visit! We miss yall tons! There is a way to fix that ya know (missing GA)... all it takes is a Uhaul!!