Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Enjoying the last bits of Summer

It has been really nice outside recently. A few weeks ago the kids were coming home from school and getting in their swimsuits and playing in the water because it was soo hot. Now, they can play outside and not get too sweaty, which they really love.
There was a clearance of sidewalk chalk at the store the other day, so I bought a few packs that had brighter colors than usual. The kids have been outside making all sorts of pictures. Ryanne was really proud of her DARTH somebody picture that she made in Jonah's honor. (He attended a b-day party that day and had his face painted as that character, so he was very impressed by Ry's pic).
Savannah with a unicorn
They all worked together on this giant light saber
I need to go back outside and take some pictures of all the animals they made for their zoo. Some of them are really fun.
Ry was able to bring home "Lucy the Llama", her 1st grade pet and Savannah just happened to be holding our neighbors cat at the same time. They were soo happy with these pets. We took Lucy on a walk and showed her all the fun animals that people on our street own- chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats, goats, ducks, etc. Fun times all around!


Laura Dawn said...

I love that Savannah is holding a real cat. Those girls love cats so much :) I am so excited to see you all soon!

Whitney Brown said...

They have a Milo like us!! Cute pics!!!

Audrey & Boys said...

That is amazing teamwork on those chalk drawings. My boys will love the giant light saber.