Sunday, August 14, 2011

The First Day of School

I'm not really sure how it is already this time of year. How do the minutes, hours, days, and months keep flying by?
Last wednesday was the first day of school for Ryanne and Jonah. Ryanne is now in 1st grade and Jonah is in 4th grade. I can't believe I have a 4th grader.
We thoroughly enjoyed summer and I was really sad to see it come to an end. I love long days of swimming, playing, the sun and fun. I love it that my kids sleep in and can stay up late and play. I was dreading the early hours of getting up and getting everything ready for school.
But then I decided to change my attitude and be happy. I decided to wake up early, so I would have enough time to do everything I needed to in the morning and I decided to wake up the kids a little bit earlier than I did last year so the mornings wouldn't be so rushed. The first 3 days went smoothly and we all felt good about our new routine. Hopefully we can keep it up for the remainder of the school year.
The kids love their teachers, their classes, their friends and so far, so good! Here's to a great year.
And here is the special breakfast we had for the first day of school- Cinnamon Roll Muffins.


Tiffany said...

I'm SO not ready for school to start again. We have one more week. This summer has not been long enough in my opinion....

Carl and Lia said...

it makes a HUGE difference when I get up early and choose to have a good attitude. Mommies really do set the mood for the whole family. Good job Mary Ann with a successful first week of school!!!!

Whitney Brown said...

Make them stop growing please!!!! I can't handle it!!!!!!!! So glad things went well and I know you love summer, I can't believe it is already over!!

Laura said...

they grow too fast! my boys still talk about Matt coming up here and hanging with your fam before the football game. they must have really had a great time together.
also, you have just made my day with that recipe. i make muffins ALL the time and freeze them for the boys and this one will make their day! thank you!