Friday, August 29, 2008

That Dear Old G!

We decided to take in a JV football game with the kids, so they could see Uncle Matt and/or dad in action. It was a perfect day, warm, but not hot, with a beautiful breeze. The kids had fun playing in the bleachers.

Audrey and I went to the Varsity game and it was so funny because the guy sitting behind me said ' That is the coolest purse ever'. If you don't know already, I will tell you that the high school where Matt works has the exact same G symbol as The University of Georgia. The same colors-red and black. So, the person behind me thought I had a purse that was representing the high school. Not so. When we went to Georgia on our last trip, I was in need of a new purse and saw this one for $10, so I bought it. I am an alumnus, so I guess I was trying to show a little bit of pride. It is just so misunderstood out here. For further proof check out the new uniforms for the football team. They got new helmets this year and Matt was really excited because they were just like Georgias. Anyway, it was really fun to see Matt in action on the sidelines, even if the Georgia G was everywhere. I guess I am just going to have to get used to it and accept it. It takes time :)
p.s. who is pumped to see the opening game of the season tomorrow?!!


Jaime said...

GO GA BULLDAWGS!! it should make you feel at home to have the same G! Can't wait til game tomorrow!! And, I love the purse, i wanna get the girls pics made in black pillowcase dresses with red embroidery and red ribbons w/ dawg prints and go dawgs on it, wish i sewed better!

stephschmidt said...

How fun! I love going to football games. And what it is with kids and bleachers? I guess just one more thing to climb on?

Trishelle said...

Mary Ann, that must have been so fun! There is nothing like watching a football game in the late summer/early fall. There is so much positive, pumped-up energy in the and anticipation, mingle with the smell of hot dogs and burgers and grass.

Very cute purse by the way!

Laura said...

first, love the purse!!! second, they look like little miniature GA players! so much fun.

Tiffany and hers said...

Hey girl! Cute purse! It's so fun to be able to keep in touch! Jaime is sitting here she just asked me who I was commenting to and I said to Mary Ann -SHES MY FRIEND NOW!!!!! lol Tif

Tooele Brezoff Family said...

I will make note that the G is for Georgia and not a local foot ball team!
I always loved the sounds of bleachers. the humming after you hit them. memories!