Thursday, August 14, 2008

My cute family

Savannah can throw dirty looks with the best of them. The other day she was having fun racing up and down the sidewalk. Isn't it fun to watch children as they learn how to really run?

Ryanne just wanted to be in a photo. Can you blame her?

Now that Lar is only working 4 days a week, we get to see her more. Yippie! She came out to give Andrew a haircut and I took advantage of these 3 adorable family members and snapped away. I can't decide who is the cutest? It's a tie!


stephschmidt said...

Watching Dallin learn to run was one of my very favorite things. You have such cute kids! Such a cute family!

Mi Piace said...

OH, I feel awful that you think you offended me. That wasn't at all the case. I just didn't expect what you said and it just brought a ton of memories back to me. It wasn't at all your fault! Things happen for a reason!!
It was a touchy subject for everyone!
But thanks for your comment! That was so sweet of you. And I hope i didn't offend you with my reaction to everything.

Kelley said...

Savannah definitely looks like a Beckstrand. And, Holy Cow, Andrew is so tall! He was tiny when I saw him last. Laura Dawn and your mom look exactly like I remember them. It's been so long since we've seen each other (since your mission farewell), and yet everyone still looks the same. Wow!

Chris said...

Mary Ann, How fun your blog is. How fun you are! I'm adding you to make list of blogging friends. Hope that's alright. Keep u p those cute pics, and keep making those darling kids!

Riin said...

Hi! You probably don't remember me. I'm sister Chan's (Maila's) younger sister Kadri-Riin from Estonia. Not the youngest but the middle one. I found your blog from my sister's blog list. I like your blog! You have such a lovely family. I got the idea of putting music to my blog from you, so aitäh!