Monday, October 17, 2011

Lar comes to visit, Fall Festival and Apple Picking

My sister, Laura Dawn, came to visit last weekend. She immediately got busy helping Savannah have a cute hairdo. She did a beautiful crown braid and then they decorated it with rose buds from our rose bush.
Savannah was very happy with her princess hairdo.

When the other kids got home from school, we all spent some time jumping on the trampoline. Earlier that morning, we cleaned off all the leaves and pinestraw, so no one would get yucky stuff on their feet.

The kids had a pep assembly at their school where the cheerleaders came and did some cheers, so Ryanne had a couple of those memorized and she showed us her moves.

It's not very easy to take pictures on a trampoline when everyone is jumping!

That night was the Fall Festival at the school. We haven't ever attended it before because it is usually on the Saturday right before Ryanne's birthday, but this year the had it earlier in the month and it was on a Friday night. The kids were very excited because there were lots of fun activities. First we had to check out the book fair and then we were off to explore the options for fun.
There were bouncy houses, tractor rides, face, nail and hair painting, games, bungee jumping things, a rock wall, a cake walk, etc.
The kids had to try out everything and they had a blast. We stayed for the full three hours.
Here are the girls showing off their face painting. The woman who did them was very precise.
The girls also got their hair spray painted all crazy and won all sorts of *great* plastic prizes!
Yay! for the Fall Festival!
The next morning we all got up early and got ready for the day. The boys headed to Knoxville for the Georgia-Tennessee Football game and the girls headed to Ellijay, Ga to pick apples.

We had lots of fun at the apple orchard. We started off by picking apples and taking a hayride.
Then the girls both got to try milking a pretty cow.

There were lots of activities at this orchard, so it turned out to be an all-day affair. The girls loved the petting zoo and spent at least an hour in the zoo, having a blast with all the animals.

Lar even caught a chicken!
The girls loved picking up the goats and carrying them around.

The baby chicks were also a favorite.

There was a playground with interesting horse swings

Of course, pony rides
and the girls were able to sit on a cow
I had plans to make applesauce donuts, and mini apple pies, and all sort of other stuff, but we shared an apple fritter, apple hand pie, apple ice cream, and apple cider when we were the orchard and that fulfilled all my apple recipe desires. We ate most of the apples just by snacking and then I made a big batch of applesauce with the rest.

Luckily, Georgia won the football game, so the boys were happy when they returned home.
Lar and I had our own adventure in Atlanta, but I will save that for a different day.

Thanks for visiting Lar and helping us have all sorts of fall fun!

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Whitney Brown said...

What an awesome blog post!! I love all the pictures! Makes me want to come visit again! Ya'll went to Elijay?! I know exactly where ya'll are talking about, we drive through there to go to Paula's in NC! I had no idea that had so many activities for kids though! Looks like ya'll had a GREAT time!!!