Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Baseball time again!

Jonah had a good experience playing baseball this past spring, so we decided to sign him up for fall ball this year. Matt and Jonah spent lots of time practicing over the summer and after a month of practices with the team, the games began last week. Ryanne and Savannah love it too, because they get to run around with all the other younger siblings of the boys on Jonah's team for a couple of hours. Usually they don't sit by me for more than a second, so I decided to snap a couple pics of them while I had the chance.
They do look a little topsy-turvy at this point, but it was near the end of the game and most of their running around had already taken place.

Jonah is in the dugout somewhere-I think I can see him.
I went over to get a picture of him and of course he was like "what do you want?"

I said "Smile, please!"

Matt is helping coach the team and they are having lots of fun. They won this particular game and they were really excited about it.
I was not successful in getting any great pics of this game, but at least you know what we are up to, even if it is really blurry!!


Whitney Brown said...

I love a bare foot southern girl! And YES your girls WILL be southern if I have anything to say about it :) We are the most confident women in America by FAR! Matt's coaching? How fun! R and I need to come up for a game and dinner!

Audrey and the Boys said...

Looks like fun! So glad that you are all enjoying it!

Heather Bankhead said...

ok, i am a little freaked out. how is Ryanne SO TALL? where is my little baby? that's it, i'm buying my ticket right this second.