Sunday, January 17, 2010

My thoughts today

Sometimes it is really hard for me to see all the suffering and disparity in the world. I feel so helpless as to how I can make a difference. It can be really discouraging if you think about all the horrible situations that people all over the world are in. War, natural disasters, poverty, inhumane living conditions, unfair treatment of ethnicities, etc. All of these things weigh on my mind at times.
I struggle with the hopelessness of it all and somehow wanting to solve everything and knowing I can't, all alone.

Then last night I finally had a light bulb moment.
I don't have to change the entire world. I don't have to save the world.
But I can do something. I can help someone.
I may not be able to heal all the wounds of the suffering, but I can help someone by taking action and doing something to help. Every little act of charity or kindness helps.

Someone has already saved the entire world. My Savior, Jesus Christ has already done it. He has already taken it upon himself to heal the wounds of all those who hurt, every unfair thing and all I have to do is try my best to be like him.
That is what I can do, to make this world a better place.


Laura said...

You amaze me in how you think about these other things. I guess I'm a little selfish. However, I've had my moments of thoughtfulness and have felt just as you. The only thing that I would add to that is you are a mother. A good mother too! What better place to save the world than with your children. The Lord blessed you with them to help shape the world and make it a better place, no doubt. Starting with just your children think of the ripple effect it can have. YOu might not even know of some of the things you do to save a soul. But it happens...everyday.

Kim said...

It is totally easy to feel overwhelmed, I too feel that way, but I really like your thoughts and I guess it's about doing what we can where we can. I hope you're doing well, I haven't been so great about commenting.

The Hopper Fam said...

great post Mary Ann!

Trishelle said...

Mary Ann, you are truly an incredibly compassionate woman. I echo the Laura's thoughts on you as a mother. You are so Christ-like in that role, saving the world by the way you're raising your children...I've seen this first hand. Truly, that is one of the most blessed gifts we can wish to attain.

My heart has broken this week with the images that are coming to us from Haiti. Particularly agonizing are the pictures of children suffering. They are almost unbearable! I appreciate so much your comments on our Savior. He knows those little ones and is with them. Knowing this simple, beautiful truth brings a measure of peace in an otherwise bleak situation. Thank you, Mary Ann.