Friday, December 18, 2009

We got a couple of presents in the mail from my parents this week and it caused quite the commotion. The girls asked me every 5 seconds if they could open their presents yet. I told them they had to wait until Christmas and showed Ry how many days that would be. Crying ensued. Who knew that 1 present each could cause such a problem? So much whining and crying. The girls insisted on carrying their presents everywhere with them.
Then I came up with the brilliant plan to send Savannah back to my parents. She tried as hard as she could to fit in the box.
She almost fit.

Ryanne wanted to try too- she had a little worse luck.
So, we are going to Disneyworld in 2 days! So excited. I hope the kids have a blast and that we are able to make some great memories.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Trishelle said...

Very cute pictures!! Bana's expressions totally crack me up!

The Flynn's said...

Wow, that is a really small box...and she just about fit in there. That's hilarious!

bjandcec said...

Sorry to cause havoc. But, we are looking forward to an exciting, special package soon!

Heather Bankhead said...

send her to me! send her to me!

bjandcec said...