Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Disney World

We decided this year to take a trip for Christmas. My friend Jaime and I, had been throwing the idea around for a couple of years of going to DisneyWorld, together with our families, and talked about it, but hadn't ever really had the chance to plan it until this year. We both decided we were serious about it happening and this summer we decided Christmas was the perfect time to take our trip. We knew our kids would have a blast since they are great friends.
We left Sunday night, around 10 pm and drove to Orlando. The kids did pretty good sleeping in the car and we arrived at DisneyWorld at 4:30 am. A little bit earlier than we had expected.
Luckily, our hotel let us check in early and we got to take a nap for a couple hours before we headed out to the Magic Kingdom.
We had a blast. The kids were loving every minute of it. That first night we ate dinner with Cinderella and her family.

The stepsisters and the stepmother were just awful, meaning they were in character and acting just the way their characters would. It was kind of funny and I messed with them a little bit.
Prince Charming chose Ryanne to get up and dance with him. She was smiling from ear to ear.

We met tons of characters, which was really exciting for all the kids (well, except Jonah sometimes. He didn't want to act too excited about meeting so many princesses)
We took a spin in the tea cups. Jaime and Danny opted out on this one- they didn't want to get sick. The people who wanted to spin a lot, loaded up with Matt.
Madelyn and I took it quite slow and had fun too.

Jonah's face in this one just really made me laugh. He wouldn't even pretend that he was glad to get his picture taken with Sleeping Beauty.
The next day we ate lunch with Pooh Bear and his friends. Ryanne told Pooh that she was fat like him. Not sure where she got that idea from, but it made us giggle. She was laughing too.
Savannah just wanted to pet all these guys.

If only you could see the crazy antics that happened while we were waiting in line. I took a series of pictures while we were all waiting and it is quite hilarious to see how the kids dealt with it. Here Madelyn and Jonah were talking seriously about something.

On Matt's birthday we went to the Animal Kingdom and the safari was really neat. We got to see some animals up close and they made the ride really exciting and fun too.
Jonah's favorite ride was Expedition Everest, which was in this park. I went on it too. It was a great rollar coaster, but slightly nauseating.

The morning of my birthday we ate with Lilo and Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. I got to join in the parade because it was my birthday.
Pluto was really fun with the kids. He was hugging them and on all fours making everybody laugh.

We went to Hollywood studios and were able to meet more characters and also watch some great shows, like a shorter version of the Broadway show, Beauty and the Beast. They also had amazing Christmas lights, which for some reason I completely forgot to take a picture of.
On Christmas we read the Christmas story in our conjoining rooms in the morning before we went to Epcot. It was a beautiful day. Very warm and humid.
By friday night, Savannah was really worn out. Well, we all were! She was just wanting to lay around while we waited for Matt and some of the others to come back from a ride.

The last night we met a couple more characters and got a family pic with Mickey.
Ryanne stuck her head under a hand sanitizer dispenser and somehow had her entire head covered in hand sanitizer right before we took the last batch of character pictures. It was pretty slimey and gross.
I am still not sure how she managed to do that.

We had a great time and made lots of memories.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!


John & Jennifer Savage said...

That looks like a blast! Loved all of your pictures, but especially Jonah hating life with Sleeping Beauty. That deserves 8x10 status. :)

The Hopper Fam said...

what a fun family trip! that is pretty funny about the hand sanitizer. reminds me a little of calvin (from calvin and hobbes) when he got crisco in his hair - but his was on purpose.

Gabrielle said...

I am glad you had a great time. I missed you! Happy New Year tonight!

Laura Dawn said...

Holy Cow, looks like so much fun. What a great Christmas present for your family :)

Audrey said...

What fun! We'll have to a repeat some year! Will you join us! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas/Birthday/Birthday!

Trishelle said...

These are great pictures!! I'm so glad you had such an awesome time at Disneyworld. The kids will surely always remember that! I'm glad your home safe and happy with lots and lots of pictures.

On the way there, did you pass "Bible World"? When we were there a couple of weeks ago we saw that and wondered what it was. Any idea?

Tiffany said...

I love your funny stories! And Jonah's face is great!! Sounds like a FUN time!