Thursday, October 1, 2009


The one thing I thought was strange about our house was the fact that in the main bathroom there was no medicine cabinet, shelf, or anything of the sort to put bathroom toiletries on/in.
This is the main bathroom that we all share and I couldn't stand all the junk that was collecting around the sink.
When we were at someone's house I noticed that they had a built in shelf in the bathroom. I loved it. Perfect.
Matt built me one last weekend.
I think it is perfect and now the sink is clean!
Thank you, honey!
The other night the kids were all in Jonah's room and after awhile I was getting a little suspicious as to what they were doing because it was so quiet in there.
I went to peek and saw Jonah reading to Ryanne and Savannah. It was so sweet.
I watched for a couple of minutes. The girls would take turns choosing books and Jonah just sat there and read to them.
I had to snap a picture. It made my heart happy to see Jonah being so kind to his sisters.

And I just have to say that I love having a big yard. The kids can go outside and play all afternoon. It is fun to watch them being creative and having a good time.


Gabrielle said...

I love it. and the magnolias! wow- When am I getting my pictures of gardenias?

John & Jennifer Savage said...

I love when kids get to the age that they can keep themselves happy playing in the yard for hours on end using their imaginations. So cute! Sounds like you guys are all adjusted and loving life, but I still miss seeing you around here.

Anonymous said...

the story about Jonah made me a little teary eyed! What is it about your kids that always makes me want to get all misty?!?! :) I love ya'lls backyard too its awesome!