Monday, December 17, 2007

Cookies, our Snow Pile and Aud's Orange Cake

Gingerbread people and trees, chocolate cranberry oat bars and double chocolate bites

Matt thought it would be a great idea to put all the snow that he was shoveling off the driveway into a big pile. His reasoning was that when everyone else's snow melted, we would still have some snow left, if our pile was the biggest. Good idea, except for the fact that it is covering the sidewalk to our front door and almost burying the tiny tree in our yard. It is fun to sit on, though!

Audrey's Orange Cake from Portugal
My dad bought a case of oranges and I was getting sick of eating so many every day. I remembered this cake that my sister made right after she got home from her mission. It is so good and so easy! You just have to juice a couple of oranges and add flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder. It is so good. I made one to take to my neighbor but we couldn't resist digging in so the next day I made another one. I am telling you this is the easiest thing to bake and it makes your house smell so good. Thanks Aud!


Jaime said...

that cake sounds so good and i love oranges, could you get me the recipie?! we miss yall. we are finally getting cold weather (it was 76 degrees last week). now, it finally feels like Christmas. Except I still don't have a present under the tree for anyone, oops. I'm still finishing up making them!

The Flynn's said...

I wish we had snow SO bad and the goodies are still looking great. Aren't you getting sick of baking yet?

Mary Ann said...

I actually am not getting tired of baking yet. It is kinda relaxing for me. Plus Ryanne is a great helper. But things are about the get hectic around here so today was my last day of cookies!
mary ann

Kim said...

Fun to see that you have a blog too. I just sent out your Chirstmas card and I didn't know that you moved, I will have to send out one to the new address. So fun to be close to family. We moved too. I hope all is well, the kids are cuties, sometime when we are in Utah we will have to get together. Mindy lives in Grantsville.

Kim said...

I forgot to leave my blog address here it is if you want to look