Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day Assembly

At Ryanne and Jonah's elementary school they had a Veteran's Day Assembly. Jonah is in the Mustang Chorale and he told me that they were going to be singing a few songs at the assembly. Yesterday I received an email from Ryanne's teacher that she would be the student representing the 1st grade, reading her poem about Veterans. So this morning, Matt, Savannah, and I, went to the school to attend the assembly.

In the picture above, the Mustang Chorale is sitting and waiting to perform.
In the picture below, the songs of all the Armed Forces were being presented along with artwork and all the Veterans in the crowd, standing when they heard the song representing their section of the Armed Forces. (Ry is in the row of students waiting to present poems)

Sorry about the blurry picture of the Chorale singing, but I wanted to get Jonah in action and my camera couldn't handle the lighting in that building.
Here is Ry with her drawing and poem, after presenting to the school.

This is her poem
V is for Victory for our country
E is for Enough power to defeat the enemy
T is for Teach good to everyone
E is for Enemy will lose
R is for Release freedom
A is for Able to give up their lives for us
N is for Nation power
S is for Strength to go out and fight for us

They also had all the Veterans in attendance, stand as their name was called, and I couldn't stop the tears of gratitude as I looked around me and saw all of them, some hardly able to stand at all, proudly accepting the applause from us. Thank you to all the Veterans and those who are still serving today, for fighting to protect our freedom and all it stands for!


Heather Bankhead said...

I love Ry's sweet poem and your tender-hearted reaction. You are such a good mom! Love you!

Audrey and the Boys said...

What a sweet poem Ry! How nice to see everyone taking time to recognize veterans.
Miss you all!