Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laura Dawn and Andrew's visit & our trip to Savannah and Hilton Head

Two weeks ago my sister and brother came to town for a visit. They were both able to get work off for a whole week, so we had lots of days to play. Neither one of them have been to Savannah and living in Utah there really isn't much of a chance to see the beach, so I decided we would make a quick overnight trip to Savannah and the beach. Matt had to stay home this time since we went during the week- we missed him!

We left for Savannah early in the morning so we could get a few hours of window shopping/walking in before heading to Hilton Head for the night. We parked right by the outdoor water park and so the kids had the chance to get wet right away. It didn't last long enough though!
We walked up and down River Street, checking out the monuments, boats and shops.

We also spent some time walking through Savannah. The first time I ever went to Savannah it reminded me of Estonia, with it's lush gardens and how the city is made for walking. I love it. It is just so very beautiful. Plus, it includes lots of very interesting history.

After walking for quite some time- everyone was very HOT! and slightly tired. I had to capture some of the expressions and red faces.

All the walking and sweat paid off later that night when we made it to Hilton Head, checked into our hotel and then we walked across the street to the....
....Beach!!! Yay! the Happy Faces return!!
well, except Andrew. He is making weird faces. But, trust me, we were all very happy to be in the water. Notice how quickly Jonah disappears from the pictures.

This time the kids wanted to take their goggles to the beach

It was the perfect time to play at the beach. Still warm, with the sun going down and no crowds.

The next day we went back to the beach and on the way there, we found this nice little water/splash park. This got the kids ready for another fun beach day. I didn't take any pictures of our day adventures on the beach, but it was really fun. Very crowded, but very fun.

After all that beach and water time, we headed back home.

It was so nice to have my siblings visit. We had lots of fun here too, swimming in grandma's pool, going to the library, watching movies, playing at the park, eating yummy food and enjoying each other's company. I really love my family!


Laura Dawn said...

That trip was lots of fun :) Thanks for posting the pictures.

Audrey said...

Wish we could have joined the fun! It looks like you all had a blast. I love Savannah and Hilton Head too.