Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Is it Matt?
No, just a smaller version that looks just like him.
Jonah & Ryanne are playing baseball this year. Jonah hasn't played since he was 4 and decided this was a great year to give it a try again.

Most of the kids on Jonah's team having been playing since before they were 4, so Jonah had some catching up to do. His season has been going on for a few weeks and he has really improved. He has a great coach, who is a good teacher and Matt has taken some time to help him practice batting and catching.

In his age group, the boys pitch to each other and the games are not always super exciting. (Don't get mad at me for saying that- it's just the truth!), but this past weekend, he really had an exciting game.
His team really pulled together and played well and I was just amazed at how much some of the players have improved in just a few weeks. It was a really fun game to watch.
Here are the girls with their big brother after his game.

I haven't remembered to take the camera to one of Ryanne's games yet, but I will make sure to get a couple of her. She looks really cute in her uniform and she is enjoying learning the basics of baseball with some new friends.


Carl and Lia said...

Jonah looks super serious! I love the group picture at the end. He is one tall kid. And he definitely looks like Matt!

Laura Dawn said...

Cute! I need to come visit!!!

Whitney Brown said...

this is so precious!! Jonah looks just like Matt and you finally got a non silly pic of him! I can't wait to come to a game! I hope you have been containing your sporty enthusiasm... I've seen you at basketball games and it can be......... scary...... hahhaha :)

Audrey said...

Glad he is enjoying it!