Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Savannah turns 4!

Savannah had her 4th birthday over the Thanksgiving weekend, so yesterday we invited a couple of her friends over for a little celebration.

She wanted everything to be princess-y.
I was trying to get some natural looking shots of her, but she kept on pulling faces. Funny Bana!

All the girls dressed up in their favorite princess gear and we had cake and ice cream. The lone boy at the party had his light sabers on hand, so that none of this princess stuff would sink in too much.

We are so lucky to have Savannah in our family. She is so happy and helpful.
We love Savannah- Happy 4th Birthday!


Jaime said...

she was so cute and happy to celebrate with her friends! sorry Brin wasn't herself. we'll play again soon when she's up to it.

Whitney Brown said...

SO PRECIOUS!! I love the pink everywhere!! Sooo princess worthy! She looks happy and I am glad she is in ya'lls family too! She is a special little girl!! love ya'll!

Heather Bankhead said...

Happy Birthday Banie!!! I love you!!!! I miss you!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday Banie! The boys wish they could have crashed the princess party!

Laura Dawn said...

I love the princess theme. Savannah I miss you!

bjandcec said...

Mare, you got a couple really great natural looking shots of Bani. Great job on the cake and all.