Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Savannah's First Haircut and some other stuff

Jonah loves having his picture taken. Especially with food. It makes me laugh.
The other day the kids got dressed up in some costumes (Jonah's was from 3 years ago and is a little small on him) and started dancing around outside.
They told me that they were practicing a ballet that they were going to perform later in the evening.
Jonah was the director of the dance performance.

I enjoyed getting a couple shots of their "practice".

Very interesting, I must say. And highly entertaining.

Savannah has never had a haircut. Unless you count the time this past summer that Ryanne took scissors to her hair and gave her really bad bangs (that have grown out a little bit) and nice chopped pieces randomly placed within her long locks.
Well, the time came. Grandma Becky took her to the hairdresser to get her first cut.
I was sad to see her beautifully golden locks get chopped. But the new 'do makes all the "pieces" from Ry's cut a few months ago, look like purposeful layering.

Savannah was quite happy with the results, as was I, and enjoyed her time out with Grandma. She's growing up!


The Hopper Fam said...

I LOVE the ballet pictures. When do the tickets go on sale?

Laura Dawn said...

I wish I could have seen them practice, that would have been so funny. I miss you guys!