Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feels like Summer

Yesterday we bought a plastic pool. Ryanne wanted to play in water and we really didn't have any options to do that outside until the pool purchase.
The weather has been really nice, not too hot yet, in my opinion. But, it started getting warmer yesterday.
As soon as Jonah got home from school, they put on their suits and started playing.
These little pools are great for occupying children for extended periods of time.
Hours later, they got out and we dried off.
This morning Ryanne asked if she could get back in the pool.
Sure, why not?
So, the girls have already played for hours. We are taking a short break right now, so that when Jonah comes home from school he can play too.
Hurray for water and swimsuits and little plastic pools.


bjandcec said...

How Fun! We love Ryanne and Savannah and Jonah. Wish we were there!

Audrey said...

Too cute with their little goggles on!

Richard and Whitney Brown said...

Looks so fun!

bjandcec said...

Have fun swimming! Love you guys.