Friday, February 12, 2010

I love Valentine's Day

I have always loved Valentine's Day. Not the gift giving or candy or commercialization of it, but just the idea of being thoughtful and expressing how much you care to the special people in your life.
Not to mention, I have the best valentine in the world. Matt always does something thoughtful and creative for me. Remember last year?

I helped Jonah cut out hearts for his valentines to give to his classmates and to decorate his valentine box and it was just so much fun. I convinced him to make homemade valentines this year to pass out at school and he actually had a lot of fun coming up with the sayings.
I thought he was really creative and the best part was when he realized that homemade valentines were more fun to create.

We also had to decorate sugar cookies. Valentine's Day and sugar cookies just go together. It is always entertaining to watch kids try and cover their cookie with 2 tons of sprinkles. I just had to laugh. Those little nonpareils really can make a mess.

I guess I just like hearts and love.
Pretty great things to celebrate if you ask me.


Gabrielle said...

Cute box! We have made valentines for about 6 years now. My kids cut out hearts and just write from Kira or whomever on them. Jordan said they were not embarrassing like the other things were. lol I was just being frugal! lol

Dave is always awesome on Valentines day. I try to make something amazing for him- that Gorgonzola sauce last night was might just be what I make.
Love you- happy Valentines day!

Tiffany said...

Oh what fun!! I agree hearts and love are great things to celebrate!!

Trishelle said...

I do remember last year!! In fact, would you mind terribly if I took that idea out of the M family's playbook and copied Matt's brilliant Valentine? That is, unless the weather is like it is today.

Jonah's Valentines are GREAT! Way better than the ones from the store. Very cute!