Sunday, August 9, 2009

I promised myself I wouldn't do this anymore....

but, I just can't help myself.

Matt and I are having so much fun reading this book together that I just have to recommend it.

Maybe it is because we have never read a book together. Maybe it is because Matt makes everything fun.

This book is really funny.

Matt doesn't really like reading and I love it. He thinks it is boring. I could read all day.
He has read a couple of books. I really wanted to see Kite Runner when it came out in the theater, so I made him read the book first, before we went to see it together. He liked it.
My point is, we are really enjoying this book.
He started reading it and then when we were driving home from Washington DC, he asked me to read to him while he was driving. Then I drove and he read.
Sometimes I read a chapter out loud before we go to bed.

All I know is that we always laugh. out loud.

I know it is probably just the personality of the writer, but it really is humorous and interesting, because there is a lot of history in the book too.

If you don't know what it is about and care- check out this LINK.


Charlotte said...

I loved this book too. So funny!

The Flynn's said...

Fun that you guys are reading a book together. Not sure I could ever convince Scott to do it. He thinks reading is so boring, but I love it like you.

Diana Croshaw said...

I don't know why you would promise not to recommend good books to us... I also love reading and am always looking for another book to put on my goodreads list! Thanks for the recommendation.

Laura Dawn said...

Oooh I want to read this book too! I love laughing :)