Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Rain/Mud Adventure

The other day it started raining. The kids wanted to play in it and I, thinking back to when I was kid, playing in the rain, said, ok.
A nice, large puddle formed in the middle of our driveway and things seemed pretty calm. At least Savannah had shorts on at this point.
I ran inside to get the camera and Savannah had removed her shorts and undies. I decided it was ok. We really don't have too many close neighbors and at some age it should be ok to run around naked at least for a few minutes. Are you with me?

Then they found some red mud in the driveway and that is when things started to get downright dirty. Literally.

The mud painting continued and so did the removing of clothes. But, they were having a blast!

Ry painting Jonah's back

Savannah inspecting the mud

playing some sort of game
Bans was ready to go inside. I enjoyed watching them have so much fun outside. I made them wash off their hands and feet and then they all went straight to the tub. After quite a bit of scrubbing, they looked fairly normal.
The next morning the girls noticed a butterfly in their room. Jonah had found what he thought was a dried up bug, but it was actually a chrysalis. It had been in his room for a week and they butterfly was ready to come out. Pretty exciting.
We caught the pretty little thing and let it go.


The Hopper Fam said...

Wow! The butterfly in the room is pretty cool. And I LOVE the rain/mud party - good times! You are an awesome mom Mary Ann! So many moms wouldn't even let the fun happen. But we all know that dirt washes off and memories last forever

Gabrielle said...

so cute- cute little muddy naked banny! I love it.

Heather Bankhead said...

good job with the pics perfectly covering up the secret parts. love the mud paint. send ry to me please please please.