Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleep Deprivation, Anyone?

Sleep is a precious thing. Some people in our family don't get enough of it. They don't like it and they seriously fight it. Too bad for them. I personally like sleep and wish I could get more of it.
Savannah recently decided that she doesn't need naps and I decided I don't have the energy or time to try and force it. So, a couple of times a week, when I don't hear Savannah or see her, I go downstairs and find her, peacefully sleeping.
It might not be a proper nap, but I will take it. Whatever works!


Trishelle said...

Sleep is a very, very good whatever form it comes in! It's good to see you on the mend!

By the way, Wahoooo to Coldplay for getting a Grammy for 'Viva La Vida'!

Kelley said...

Who is the little dark-haired girl in the bottom picture? She looks a lot like what I remember Laura Dawn looking like.

Sleep IS a good thing, sometimes it's necessary to just crash!